Quality Bookmark Posts For SEO

When it comes to SEO and search you want to have high quality content. If it’s low quality, people won’t want to visit, read, or use your product or service. They won’t likely click your link, and if they do and see low quality content, they’re likely to leave quickly (bounce). Sites like Google track this behavior and will consider a quick leave from your site as bad as if the visitor never even clicked your link!

The content of your bookmark post matters!

The same can be said for your bookmark post. When you create a bookmark on a bookmarking site, there is a link connecting what you write to your website, the content of your bookmark post matters!

High quality content is essential

For this reason high quality content is essential. You want to create content that keeps your visitors on your website for as long as possible. When writing your bookmark post, be sure to use at least 100 words or more and communicate what your website, product, or service is all about. Also explain what makes you different and why people should care.

Think about your visitor and if you are writing something engaging and interesting to them. If it’s not something you would read or find interesting, improve it or start over. Repeating the same sentence over and over isn’t good and will look like spam! So, write good quality bookmark posts!