Kotech Air Compressor Manufacturer

⭐Kotech originated in UK and has its own independent R&D team. Professional engineers design and develop different projects.

⭐We own two factories, manufacturing and trade 2 in 1, which simultaneously meet the timely delivery of small and medium-sized or even big orders.

⭐We have a strategic partnership with Siemens and GHH to produce compressors according to the demands of customers. Different engine options are available: Cummins, Volvo, Perkins, Kubota, and Yanmar etc.

⭐We have many cooperative cases. According to the needs of market distribution, production is suitable for the market/environment/temperature/humidity and other needs at that time, so we have rich experience to challenge different projects, such as hydropower station projects, oil field projects, gold mining projects, optical fiber projects, oil exploration projects, railway projects.

⭐The modular design makes it easier for users to maintain and replace accessories.

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