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Using Keywords For SEO

If you’ve taken the time to read up and learn a little bit about SEO you’ve likely come across keywords and their importance in your SEO work. Some of the most common things you will learn are that it’s important to add keywords that have high search volume to your content. Place keywords in your title where a heading tag is likely used and a few times in your paragraph content. Be careful not to keyword cram, that is don’t overuse keywords! Just a few times in an article is probably more than enough. It’s very important that your content remain readable to people! As a rule of thumb, read your content over to yourself and see if it sounds normal. If you think it sounds weird because you’re dropping too many keywords then you probably are and should remove some. Keywords are great, but good content should never be sacrificed just to add keywords…

Keywords are great, but good content should never be sacrificed just to add keywords.

Good content should read well and be easy to understand. Don’t make your content confusing and unreadable by overusing keywords. Instead look for other ways to enrich your site content. For example, adding an image here or there that relates to your content is a good way to break up content and make a story look more appealing. The best part about this is that you can now add a keyword to the alt tag of your image! Make sure that it makes sense with your image too though!

Adding an image can make a story look more appealing.

Another important thing to do is to create backlinks to your content. Whenever possible, try to use your keywords in your backlink if it makes sense! For example, if you are targeting the keyword, “web design” and wrote an article about web design tips you should try to make your link contain the words, “web design”. The basic html might look like this:

Check out my article on <a href="#">web design</a> tips!

This is a great way to use keywords without keyword cramming in your content!

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