Why Bookmark Sites Are Good For SEO

Have you ever wondered about using a bookmarking site for SEO? Maybe you’ve heard about bookmarking sites but never really understood why or how they can help with your SEO. In this article we will try to help explain why bookmarking sites became an important SEO tool and why they are still relevant today! Read on…

In the early days of the web, search engines like Google were more or less directory websites with links to all the different websites on the world wide web. The search engines offered up links to all the sites that it ‘knew’ about and ranked them by terms you could search for. Pretty simple right! But how did search engines FIND all those websites? Search engines found websites the same way they do today, crawling and indexing by way of spider bots.

Spider or crawler bots travel the web and find new websites, pages, or articles. The easiest way for a crawler to find a new webpage is to find a link somewhere linking to that site. Links from one site to another are commonly known as backlinks and bookmark sites provide a way to easily create backlinks to your website!

backlinks create an easy way for search engines to find your website

Not only do backlinks create an easy way for search engines to find your website but they also show a search engine that one site VALUES another by backlinking to it and this is an important reason why backlinks and bookmarking sites are still used today! You see, search engines have gotten smart and they don’t only look at simple things like backlinks and keywords. They still look at backlinks and keywords, but now they also look at many other things to determine whether a site deserves to be displayed higher in search results.

bookmarking sites are still very valuable for backlinks

One of the things that search engines look at is WHO is linking. In other words what website has a backlink to your website. Search engines are looking for whether or not the website that links to you is someone that has value. And value is measured in many ways like traffic, search index for keywords, backlinks to it (from other valuable sources), etc. In this way, bookmarking sites are still very valuable for backlinks because they not only give you an easy way to help the crawlers find your website but also a good bookmarking site also has some VALUE to pass along!

Long story short, backlinks are still very important to help get your website noticed but also can offer your website some VALUE in the eyes of the search engine if the bookmarking site has good VALUE on it’s own! The great thing about bookmarking sites is that they are almost always free to use and it’s really not hard to make a quick post explaining what your website is about and why it might be interesting. It’s so easy and sites like this one, offer free bookmarking (backlinking) along with their VALUE passed along to your website!

What are you waiting for? Bookmark your website!